Dakahlya Businessmen Association for Community and Development

Success Stories
Manal Fathy:

Manal is a quite enthusiastic person who believes in the team work, the importance of getting aware of the market needs and the development to satisfy such needs, and the efficient marketing.

Manal started her projects with only 3000 LE to produce hair clips, sweet statues, and she were distributing her production to the local markets on the province's level.

With the first loan to the client with amount of 5000 LE late 2007, she did buy raw materials and expanded the scope of work. With repeating the loans she bought an electric scissors, and Mr. Abdou "The icon of luck as she described him" worked on it. Manal has expanded the factory and bought new machineries which resulted in huge expansion that increased the number of labours up to 70 in the factory.

She started to distribute her production (Dummies - sieves - Ramadan lanterns) at a national level to penetrate the markets in all provinces.

Manal believes in high marketing standers and she used to do this herself, and she did buy a truck, 2 tricycles, and number of warehouses to be able to market and distribute in different governorates.

The project's capital now reaches 1000,000 LE, in addition to more than 70 job opportunity in her village that helped to improve the life standers of 70+ families.
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