Dakahlya Businessmen Association for Community and Development

Success Stories
Nagah Talaat

With the simplest capabilities, Mr. Nagah succeeded to found his own brand in the Egyptian market. He's a type of person who's aware of the most recent knowledge about the industry and the recent technologies, and enhance his factory capabilities and apply an efficient control system to the workplace.

The client began to get loans from DBACD in 2002 starting with 2000 LE. The loan amount got increased gradually to reach 100,000 LE in May 2015, through this increment there was an evolution in client's activities and his life.

The start was about only one piston with a cost of 30,000 LE, that compressor produces 100 sets of melamine in a rented workshop, afterwards, he got loans from DBACD to increase number of pistons, hence the production. Following to this he had 8 compressors with production capacity 800 set of melamine in higher quality cause of conditions of pistons and the quality of raw materials. Then, he bought a land to establish his own factory.

The demand has been increased on his products, because of the strong marketing skills, and products high quality. He started to rent another pistons and paid to those factories a part of the profit margin. Also he added a new product "Glass Decoration".

Nagah created lots of job opportunities, where he had 15 full-time labours, in addition to the seasonal labours comparing to only 4 when he started to deal with DBACD. Also Mr. Nagah could afford an excellent life style to his children and to develop himself, furthermore, he generated profits to some other factories that hadn't the same marketing opportunities.
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